7pm :: An Emerging Community ::

Welcome to the trail-head of a journey; welcome to the planting of an orchard; welcome to the to the freshness of a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a piece of art.

Welcome to you whether you are a first time attender or a long time member.  We are glad you have decided to check out our blog where you can hear the stories of this emerging community at University Presbyterian Church.  This Sunday Oct. 4th at 7pm will be our first opportunity to join together and as one body sing, pray, listen, and eat together; all to the glory of our Father in heaven.

The way we are talking about this service is as a blank canvas.  This is not because we have neglected to prepare but because we value community and collaboration.  We want to invite you to call UPC’s 7pm service home, and as such, join Christ in turning this community from a crowd of people to a family,  from a roof and walls to a home in which Jesus Christ is our cornerstone.  Join with us to put paint on this canvas.

Who are you? What are you called to? Where are you from? Why are you here? When will you be made well?  These are questions that seem to have simple answers but when pushed further they can only be answered in the context of community.  Our Father himself is community; by His Spirit and through his Son, Jesus Christ He invites us into His family, He invites us home.    It is to this community that we at 7pm belong and find our answers to these questions.  It is a community that has history a far back as Adam and Eve and has it’s future in the Kingdom of God.  Will you help us put paint on these walls as we together seek to understand what it means to be the body of Christ?

That being said, thanks for joining us and whether you become a part of our piece of God’s community or another one, know that we value you and pray for God’s fullness in your life.


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