A Note from Jeff Aitken, coordinator for the Edge (UPC’s high school group)

As part of our vision planning for this school year at the Edge, UPC’s high school group, we decided to make it a priority to re-assimilate our youth into church-wide Sunday worship. At a large church like UPC we have lots of great opportunities to target and engage specific age groups—which is great, but unfortunately it can segregate our church, which can mean that youth have less opportunity to interact with other generations. And, likewise, people from other generations miss out on the opportunity to interact with youth.  Youth bring so much life to a church, enlivening groups and bringing energy to worship services.


When we learned more about the 7pm service, it sounded like a place that would engage students.   We hoped that it would give them a place that wasn’t completely a foreign experience from the Edge while at the same time being more diverse than the Edge:  There was music that youth could appreciate, a sermon (or talk), and an attractive physical atmosphere (lighting, etc). 

When we asked students what they thought about the service, there were some comments of the service being “a little long,” (this is to be expected, of course), but they were also saying things like “I loved the service! It had good music and it was really interesting!” and “the minister made really good points.” (They were talking about George.) The 7 pm service will push our students’ attention spans a little—growing up is tough—but I believe it will help them integrate with the larger church and learn how to be a part of a worshiping community that targets a group bigger than just high school students. We’re very excited that UPC’s high schoolers can be a part of


1 Response to “A Note from Jeff Aitken, coordinator for the Edge (UPC’s high school group)”

  1. October 16, 2009 at 11:25 PM

    This is really exciting! When we continue to blur the walls of UPC, I believe we will experience dynamic community.

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