Yesterday, Today, Forever: An Advent Painting

Matt Whitney's water color concept of the painting he will be doing through advent at UPC.

We have some really exciting news!  Matt Whitney has agreed to paint a piece around George’s Advent sermon series theme Yesterday, Today, Forever.   Matt will be making it around to different services, as well as the INN and Convergence, as he is painting over the four weeks of advent.  This means we will be able to see this painting come to life before our eyes as we enter into this time of expectancy.

We also will have the privilege of hearing Matt’s thoughts as he paints.  He will be writing blogs about his experience with this piece.  You will be able to find those right here on our 7pm blog.   The painting will be on display in the Narthex alcove throughout advent.  The official appearances we have Matt scheduled for at this point are as follows:

Nov. 29th at 5pm & 7pm in the narthex
Dec. 1st at The INN beginning at 9pm
Dec. 6th at all morning services in the narthex
Dec. 8th at Convergence beginning at 7:30pm

Make sure you come, see, and experience this celebration of our Lord, Jesus Christ, breaking into the word.  Christ-mas is coming . . .


1 Response to “Yesterday, Today, Forever: An Advent Painting”

  1. November 23, 2009 at 9:35 PM

    Our church in Spokane (Jacob’s Well) has three of Matt’s paintings as well. Two are commissioned pieces that are part of our churches “visual values” display. He is a gifted artist with a tremendous heart and vision for the place of creation within the emerging generations expression of gathered faith. I am jealous of you’re Advent experience with him. I pray you all will be led into the story in a greater way, through this awesome artistic “arrival”. Blessings to you all this Advent season.

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