From the Pen of the Artist: Entry III


Matt Whitney's water color concept of the painting he will be doing through advent at UPC.


Back to the watercolor sketch. I’ll try to describe a little bit of it here for you. The Advent Sermon theme is “Yesterday, Today, Forever.” In thinking on this, I try to comprehend them as one and the same, not thinking about them too much in a linear fashion but as a grander reality. Similar to how the Holy Trinity is God in Three Persons, sometimes its hard to wrap my brain around, but when I just allow myself to accept that it’s bigger than I can possibly understand, it becomes a beautiful freedom. You’ll see some familiar Advent imagery, but rearranged to provide deeper context and meaning; thus, the large star in the middle of the piece, overlooking our city. There are some abstract elements that may not be apparent in the image, but they serve to obscure or divide the space between the star and our reality. Nevertheless, the star is big and is the focal point of the piece. On the left, people are waiting for a bus. Perhaps they are slowing to listen and be attentive, perhaps not. The female figure in the foreground has a handbag that contains an iconic image of the Christ Child (idealizing the past, or wanting to contain the definition of Kingdom). On the right is the Angel of the Fifth Trumpet from Revelation. It is an image of the Biblical future, which was revealed in our past. Thus completing the narrative of the artwork.

by Matt Whitney


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