Worship Connect for Jan. 31

Hey everyone!

A couple preliminary notes before we get into the good stuff going on at 7 pm worship this Sunday.

First, you may have heard about UPC’s Many Rooms Small Group thing going on this Lent. If you haven’t, you can read George’s letter about it right here. If you don’t have time to click on hyperlinks, then here’s the gist of it: join a small group.

Second, this Sunday is Youth Mission and Ministry Sunday. That means that out high school and middle school students will be participating in worship services, like up front, reading Scripture and whatnot. And rumor has it that they have some sort of video presentation. The offering this Sunday will go to our YMM folks and all the great stuff they do.

Third, we’re going wild this Sunday: in the Lord’s Prayer, we’re going to use the word “debts” instead of  “trespasses.” Look for more info on it in Monday’s Seattle Times, where this enormous event will surely receive due coverage.

See you there!

Opening Music | “Hold On”

Welcome and Greeting | “Emily Vancil”

YMM Video

Call to Worship | Brenna

Time of Worship | Worship Team




Baptisms and Memberships

The Lord’s Prayer

Offertory | YMM Ensemble

“By Your Side”

Sermon | George Hinman

“Good News Makes True Friends” | Matthew 18:21-35

Communion and Commissioning

“All Creatures of Our God and King”


Los Angeles Team Commissioning

Benediction | Emily Vancil


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