Worship Connect for Feb. 21

Hey 7 pmers! Here’s the rundown for this week. A few notes:

  • Our host this week is Mike McEvoy, the student leadership guy (not his official title) for University Ministries.  Mike’s famous for eating at every single restaurant on the Ave last spring–and not only did he eat at every restaurant, but he blogged about it. It’s awesome.
  • This week George is kicking off the Many Rooms sermon series. If you’ve been hiding under a small-group-deficient rock and haven’t joined a small group yet, this is pretty much your last chance to be a part of this great community thing.  (“Community thing” is definitely not the UPC-approved phrase, yet it sounds so right.) You can join a small group without leaving your laptop/work computer/iPhone/wireless internet connection you’re stealing from your neighbor. (Thanks, linksys!) Click right here.

Opening Music

“In Your City”

“I Have Found”

Welcome, Announcements, and Greeting


Coventry Jankowski, interviewed by Ray Moore

Call to Worship | John 14:10-11

Time of Worship

Confession & Assurance of Forgiveness | Kyle Turver

“Before the Throne of God Above”

“All Creatures of Our God and King”

Prayer | Mike McEvoy


“Jesus Paid It All”

Sermon | George Hinman

“Experiencing God in Belief” | John 13:31-14:14

Communion & Prayer | David Hallgren

“All Who Are Thirsty”

“I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”

Benediction | Mike McEvoy


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