Worship Connect for March 14, 2010

Dear 7 pmers,

First: This Sunday is the start of Daylight Savings time. That means that at some mysterious hour early Sunday morning, the world’s clock (minus Arizona) is going to spring forward an hour. If you don’t set your personal clock accordingly, you’re going to arrive an hour late to things. Around here, we call that “pulling a Dave Rohrer.”

Second: Next Sunday is Daffodil Sunday, where you can “buy” bundles of daffodils to support Camp Side-by-Side. (Note: legally we’re not allowed to use the word “buy”–we’re supposed to say something along the lines of “give a suggested monetary donation to us and we will, for unrelated reasons, give you a bundle of daffodils.”)

Here’s the 7 pm rundown:

Opening Music: “Our God Saves”

Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Mike McEvoy

Call to Worship: John 15:18-20

Time of Worship

“Psalm 62”

“All Creatures of Our God and King”

“Open My Eyes”

Confession & Assurance of Forgiveness


Offertory: “Joy Is in Our Hearts”

Sermon: George Hinman, “Experiencing God in Courage”

Communion & Prayer | David Hallgren

“You Alone”

“Abide With Me”

Benediction | Mike McEvoy


1 Response to “Worship Connect for March 14, 2010”

  1. 1 truthdivide
    March 14, 2010 at 10:09 PM

    Thanks for a good set, this after/eve (Kyle?). I’ve been enjoying your playing these past few Sundays since i first came into UPC, last month; and wanted to take an opportunity to express some appreciation for what you do for us. I have, most recently, come from Mars Hill Church where i still have some friends, but felt i wasn’t exactly fitting in with them after some four years of bouncing between several campuses; y’know, just enough to stay out of reach of any of the real accountability that could come in the limited contexts of community that we practice in this dark age?

    One comment i’d like to add, without any sense of rancor or hint of hostility though. And that is that i am of the informed opinion that this worship teaching is one thing MHC has gotten right, in terms of their theology of worship, that is (this is not about a stylistic worship war – thankfully the Church seems to have grown out of such silliness?) that worship is not an event that starts with the musicians playing upon the platform, and stops with Pastor George’s message being proclaimed (or the Holy Spirit’s message as it were, but i digress into another topic, here). No, Doctor Best (Harold) in his Unceasing Worship, and the teaching of scripture are fairly clear on this point, once we understand God’s heart as revealed in the scriptures, and our own as spec. revealed in Jeremiah 17:9 (but, again, i digress); that worship is the never ending and constant orientation of every human heart, at all times and in all places. The only question remaining is what or whom we are worshiping; and speaking just for myself, the real answer is all too often just that person i already mentioned, myself! I commend the book to you, if you have not yet read it.

    And then, finally, let me hasten to add that according to my (barely qualified) observation, you’re doing a fine job of leading the song service(s) for us. I have no complaints regarding your, *ahem* performance (sorry about that – but i think you’ll understand the context of my comment as a singer and player, myself). It is self evident that you are, indeed, putting in the time to glorify the Lord with your skills, both you and your band/ ensemble. Keep it up, man!

    Steve Rush Garrett

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