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Worship Connect for May 2

Here’s the haps for this week’s 7 pm worship:

Opening Music | Worship Team

“My God My Father”

“Love Wins”

Welcome and Greeting


Confession and Assurance of Forgiveness

Prayer of Confession

“Sweetly Broken”


“Come All Christians Be Committed”

Sermon| George Hinman

“Wrestling with Trouble” | Genesis 28:10-22

“Because of Your Love”

“Open the Eyes of My Hear”

“O Worship the King”

Prayer of Thanksgiving | Jon Epps


Benediction | Jon Epps


Worship Connect for April 25

Hello! This Sunday we’re honoring UPC’s new members and, along with that, we’re having a small group signup for spring small groups! If you’re not in a small group–or if the one you’re in is going to disband–you can browse existing small groups right here. Also, if you’re looking for additional study materials for the Big Time Faith sermon series, you can find that right here.

Here’s the rundown for Sunday:

Opening Music | Worship Team


Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Emily Vancil

Call to Worship | 2 Corinthians 3:15-4:6

Songs | Worship Team

“Come Thou Fount”

“Because of Your Love”

Adult Baptisms & New Members | Renee Sundberg & David Hallgren

“Stay Beside Me”

Sermon | George Hinman

“Wrestling with Deception” | Genesis 27


“Wedding Dress

Prayer | Jon Epps

Communion Words & Prayer | Dave Rohrer


“Jesus Paid It All”

Benediction | Emily Vancil



Worship Connect for April 18

Hey everyone! This Sunday George is kicking off our Big Time Faith series on Genesis. All the details are right here. We’re also setting aside some time in worship to celebrate the recently completed Many Rooms small groups. If you want to stop by Larson Hall earlier in the day, we’ll be having something we’re calling an Interactive Art Exhibit. You’ll have to come if you want to find out what that means.

Opening Music | Worship Team

“Glory of It All”

Welcome, Announcements, & Greeting | Ryan Church

Many Rooms Celebration

Litany of Community

Witness & Stories

Prayer of Thanksgiving & Dedication


“The Solid Rock”

Small groups slide show during offertory


Sermon | George Hinman

“Wrestling with Another” | Genesis 25:19-34


“Sweetly Broken”

Prayer | Ryan Church

Communion Words & Prayer | George Hinman

“Joy Is in Our Hearts”

“My God My Father”

Benediction | Ryan Church



Worship Connect for April 11

Hey 7 pmers! This Sunday everyone’s favorite sassy worship pastor, Dave Rohrer, is preaching, which is always a hoot. And then next week George is kicking off a new series on Genesis, “Big Time Faith.” It’s sure to be nectar (rad).

See you on Sunday!

Opening Music | Worship Team


“Came to My Rescue”

Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Mike McEvoy

Call to Worship

“Psalm 62”

Confession and Assurance of Forgiveness

“Christ Without Sin”

“In Christ Alone”

Sermon | Dave Rohrer

“Taken for All We’re Worth”


“Here Is Love”

Prayer | Mike McEvoy

Communion & Prayer | Dave Rohrer

“I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”

“In Christ Alone”

Benediction | Jaci Smith

Commissioning | Riley McCormick


The Feast and the Fast

Imagine with me, if even only for a moment, that you and I have just eaten a hearty meal.  Not just any meal, mind you, but The Meal; the last meal.  The last meal with the one we know to be the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, and our Savior.  We hear the words that Jesus says when he blesses the bread and the wine, calling it his body and blood but do not quite understand.  This is not unusual for us, he is always saying these crazy sorts of things and we pass it off as such.  But after he blesses we feast; we feast like we have never feasted before: laughing, remembering, enjoying.  Most of all, enjoying one another and the unusual kinship we have come to find around this man named Jesus. It is a meal to be remembered for the rest of our lives.

When the meal is over and we have had our fill—stomachs full with bread and wine, hurting from all of the laughing we had done and eyes becoming heavy from the wine—Jesus bids us once again to follow him.  Of course, we do, we always do.  Every time he says those words, “Follow me,” beginning even with the first time, he evokes a passion in us that is unexplainable.  His words are different than ours, they just are, I can’t explain it.  Jesus says it is because he speaks on behalf of the Father, we are not sure how that works but we believe it so deeply that it must be true.  He takes us to a place called Gethsemane.  Gethsemane is a garden but this garden is hardly a thing of beauty at this time of night; Rather it is dark, covered, and for some reason reminds us of death.

The mood some how changes, we are no longer laughing and Jesus seemed troubled.  He tells us to stay and wait with him.  The way he says it seems peculiar because we have nowhere else to go.  This one man has become our home, so of course we are going to stay with him.  He tells us to watch and pray and wandered off a little ways from us.  We do as he asks until the wine from that joyous meal catches back up with us; our eyes became heavy again and we fell asleep.  We awake to the sound of Jesus’ troubled voice.  He is not angry but sad, although seems to understand.  He asks us if we cannot stay awake long enough to pray with him.  Ah, maybe this is what he meant when he said, “stay with me.”  He wanders away and the warm feeling of wine and bread in our bellies overtakes our will to stay awake.  Jesus wakes us up a few more times, each time feeling more like a dream.  Then the last time tells us it is time to go, his betrayer is near approaching.  With these words we become fully awake, the feast is over and the fast has now begun.

join the fast tonight at 10pm in the sanctuary of UPC

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