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Oct. 31 Worship Connect

Here’s the worship connect for Oct. 31, because face it: you’re too old to be trick or treating.

Opening Music: “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”

Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Annika Lider

Call to Worship: 1 Peter 2:4-5


“The Church’s One Foundation”

Confession & Assurance of Forgiveness

Song of Response: “Lift High the Cross”

Celebration of the Communion of Saints

Prayer | George Hinman

Offertory: “Lord Whose Love in Humble Service”

Sermon | George Hinman

“Work Is Ministry,” Romans 13:1-7

Communion & Prayer | George Hinman & Iosefa Setu

“Like Incense / Sometimes by Step”

Benediction | Annika Lider


October 24 Worship Connect

Here’s the order of worship for the 7 pm service on Oct. 24:

Opening Music: “Cannons”

Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Ryan Church

Witness to the Working of God | Bruce Baker interviewing Mark Brennan

Call to Worship

“Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)”

“My God My Father”

Confession & Assurance of Forgiveness | Kyle Turver

Sung Response: “Lift High the Cross”

Prayer | Dani Forbess


“Joy Is in Our Hearts”

Sermon | George Hinman

“Work is Common,” Genesis 11:1-9

Communion & Prayer | Dani Forbess

“Lamb of God”

“Our God Saves”

Benediction | Ryan Church


Worship Connect for Oct. 17

Opening Music | Worship Team

“Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)”

Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Jason Santos

Call to Worship | Hebrews 1:1-3a

“Desert Song”


Confession & Assurance of Forgiveness

Sung Response

“How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”

Prayer | Jason Santos


“Amazing/It Is Well”

Sermon | George Hinman

“Work is Eternal,” Ecclesiastes 2:18-23

Communion & Healing Prayer

“Came to My Rescue”

“Like Incense/Sometimes by Step”

Benediction / Jason Santos


Oct. 10 Worship Connect

Hola! This Sunday is UMin Sunday, which means that 1) the UMin crew will be hosting the service, 2) Ryan “the R” Church will be speaking and 3) we’re doing a Coldplay song at some point during the service.

Opening Music | Worship Team

“We Are Hungry”

Welcome, Announcements, Greeting | Mike McEvoy

Witness & Commissioning | Janie Stuart

Call to Worship

“Blessed Be Your Name”

Confession & Assurance of Forgiveness | Chris Sherman

“Down Upon My Knees”

Pastoral Prayer, Lord’s Prayer, Prayer of Dedication | Mike McEvoy


“Fix You” (Coldplay)

Sermon | Ryan Church

“Work Is Hard,” Genesis 3:14-19

Communion & Healing Prayer

“Stay Beside Me”

“Jesus Paid It All”

Benediction | Mike McEvoy

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